Achieving the Impossible: The Impossible Burger cracks into the mainstream

What’s the perfect storm for market disruption? A great product, a huge market need, and an impeccable execution strategy. What binds this all together is desirability and usefulness. More on this later, but big news! The Impossible Burger is tying up with Burger King to launch The Impossible Whopper.

Burger King’s chief marketing officer, Fernando Machado, said that in the company’s testing so far, customers and even employees had not been able to tell the difference between the old meaty Whopper and the new one. “People on my team who know the Whopper inside and out, they try it and they struggle to differentiate which one is which,” Mr. Machado said….“I have high expectations that it’s going to be big business, not just a niche product,” Mr. Machado said.

Behold the Beefless ‘Impossible Whopper”, The New York Times 2019

This is huge validation for the alternative meat industry, and should be terrifying to all US beef/meat lobbyists. This is the beginning of what can only be a radical shift in human consumption patterns–hopefully for the better.

Read the article here:

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